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OziExplorerCE 2.35a (WinMobile) » 4PDA.INFO -

Release Version 2.34/2.34a (October 2010)


* 2.34a - The cross at the center of the screen was not being drawn when dragging the map making it difficult to position the map at a specific location - now fixed.* 2.34a - The map cursor position lat/lon (center of screen) was not being updated after kinetic scrolling - now fixed.* Faster Map Indexing on WinCE Core devices (up to 15 times faster).* The check to see if the Map Index is up to date is now only checked once per session.* Kinetic map scrolling has been added - the map will continue to scroll if "flinged" with the stylus.o there is a new option on the "Map" tab in "General Settings" configuration.o kinetic scrolling requires a powerful cpu on high resolution devices.o for 800x480 screen devices Kinetic scrolling has been turned off by default as performance is not acceptable on some devices.* Added support for an Alternate serial port drivero there is a new option on the GPS configuration dialog called "Alt Driver".o some devices such as the Samsung i900 now need to use the "Alt Driver" (if not using Managed GPS).o most devices can use either driver.o the "Managed GPS" always uses its own driver and ignores the "Alt Driver".

Development Version 2.30d.1/2.30d.2/2.30d.3 (April 2009)

Changes2.30d.3 - added new parameters to the screen designerDisplay Total storage space for the main storage partition (file space).Display Free storage space for the main storage partition.Display Total storage space for the partition where OziExplorerCE is installed.Display Free storage space for the partition where OziExplorerCE is installed.Display Total storage for partition where the Datapath folder is located.Display Free storage for partition where the Datapath folder is located.Use a Button to execute an external program (located at the bottom of the parameter list in "Other Command") - limited to 50 characters - include full path to exe file

the check for NMEA data is now delayed. Fixed some other issues.

Development Version 2.22d (November 2008)

* Fixed problem with map searching only working on the 1st map file path.* The "back" button on the help viewer will now exit back to the map if you are at the top help level.

Development Version 2.21d (November 2008)

* Fixed problem with help locking up* Fixed problem with log book images not being created* Fixed problem with map having 1 or 2 rows of pixels missing along the edge of the map.* Fixed problem where map images with international characters would not be found. However you are still required to have your PDA configured to the regional settings for the language being used for the map files.* Map Searching now will also look into the sub-folders of the configured "Map File Paths"

they must be placed in the "Data File path".o No other types of height data files can be used.o There are parameters available in the Screen Designer to display the height data.* A bug in the scale display when using the Nautical Miles / Feet units has been fixed.* Clear routes command has been added to the screen designer.* The OziExplorerCE open file dialog is now used for all platforms not just PocketPC. This means a KB button will now be available on Wince core devices.* If the Scale Bar is accidentally dragged off screen it will now be pulled back onto the screen.* Help is now provided in one .chm file.* OziExplorerCE help engine is now used for all platforms not just for wince devices.

Development Version 2.22d (November 2008)

* Fixed problem with map searching only working on the 1st map file path.* The "back" button on the help viewer will now exit back to the map if you are at the top help level.

Development Version 2.21d (November 2008)

* Fixed problem with help locking up* Fixed problem with log book images not being created* Fixed problem with map having 1 or 2 rows of pixels missing along the edge of the map.* Fixed problem where map images with international characters would not be found. However you are still required to have your PDA configured to the regional settings for the language being used for the map files.* Map Searching now will also look into the sub-folders of the configured "Map File Paths"


OziExplorer GPS Tracking Software for Mobile Devices running Android

OziExplorer GPS Tracking Software for Mobile Devices running Android   for Android  
Last Updated - August 2017

Devices Supported

OziExplorer Android will run on smartphones and tablets which run the Android O/S.

  • Android  2.0/2.1/2.2/2.3/3/4/5/6/7+ supported.
  • Portrait and Landscape is supported.
  • All screen resolutions are supported.
  • arm and x86 cpu's supported
Note - No useable maps are provided with OziExplorer for Android, only example maps.

We have tested the software on the following devices.




OziExplorer for Android is moving map software for devices running the ANDROID O/S. It uses raster map images which are either scanned or purchased in digital format. It allows you to track your position received from the GPS on a map (moving map).

OziExplorer for Android is not automatic route planning software, you cannot request the best way to get from point A to point B, the types of maps OziExplorer for Android uses do not allow this.

Screen Shots

OziExplorer runs on Android devices but it relies on map calibrations etc to be provided by the full PC version of OziExplorer, you also need the full OziExplorer to calibrate maps, plan trips by adding waypoints etc.

The unlicensed OziExplorer for Android will work with the unlicensed OziExplorer but the limitations of both packages will apply.

Main Features

  • Moving map navigation using the internal GPS.
  • Course Up Mode.
  • 3D Perspective View Mode.
  • Support for Internal GPS and external Bluetooth GPS receivers.
  • Uses almost any map which can be created by the PC version of OziExplorer.
  • Use our Img2ozf utility to convert maps to OZF4 format.
  • OZF2, OZFX3, OZF4, ECW, JP2 (jpeg 2000) directly supported.
  • PNG, JPG directly supported (small maps less than 20MBytes uncompressed).
  • Automatic loading of the next map.
  • Check for more detailed map at a set interval.
  • User tracks can be loaded
  • Logging of Track points to file.
  • Create Waypoints at current position by pressing the Create Wp screen button.
  • Navigation to a waypoint or along a route.
  • Using the Route Create option, routes can be created on the device.
  • Many Map Zoom levels.
  • Various Position display formats.
  • On screen display of Speed, Bearing and Altitude.
  • Display Waypoints on the map.
  • Name Search
  • Satellite View showing SNR, number of Sats and HDOP.
  • Design your own skins (screens) on your PC using the free Screen Designer (download below).
  • + many more features to be added in future versions.

Download (To download, use the "Download OziExplorer Software for Android" link below)

Version 1.29 (Beta)

Installation Help (must read)

Program History (please read)

Using Maps in OziExplorer for Android

OziExplorer for Android Help

OziExplorer Support

Language Translations

NOTE : Some browsers download the file as a .zip file, do not unzip it - just change the .zip file extension to .apk.

NOTE : To download in some browsers, Right Click and Save Link As (or Save Target As)

Download OziExplorer Software for Android Version 1.29 

Download OziExplorer Android Screen Designer (version 1.13) - works with OziExplorer for Android version 1.27 and above. The program runs on the PC and is used to design new screens or modify the user screens provided.

Purchase OziExplorer for Android

Important - Before purchasing OziExplorer MUST be installed on your android device. The Trial version will display the Device ID during program startup and on the "About" dialog. This "Device ID" is required to purchase OziExplorer for Android.

These are the only limitations of the trial version.

  • Moving map mode (communication with the GPS) will only remain active for 15 mins each time. At the end of these times a dialog will be displayed and GPS Tracking will be deactivated and must be reactivated by pressing the GPS Tracking button.
  • A watermark using the text "TRIAL" is drawn onto the map.

Other than for the restrictions mentioned above, the trial version works exactly the same as the purchased version.

To purchase OziExplorer Android, click on the "Buy Now" link on the main menu of this website (the menu on the left).

Important Notes

Please Note: This version does not yet have its full functionality, additional features are being added for future versions. Updates can be downloaded as they become available.

Check for updates from within the program.

  • All files and data is stored on the SD card.
  • By default Maps are put in the OziExplorer/Maps folder on the sdcard (subfolders under Maps can be used), but the folder can be changed in configuration if required.
  • By default Data is put in the OziExplorer/Data folder on the sdcard,  but the folder can be changed in configuration if required.

When installing the following permissions will be requested

  • Your location - GPS location : fairly obvious why
  • Network communications - full internet access :  for checking if updates are available, no personal information is ever sent.
  • Storage - modify/delete SD card contents : needed
  • System tools : prevent phone from sleeping : so device will not turn off while navigating
  • Bluetooth - for bluetooth GPS support
  • Phone calls - read phone state and identity - to read the phones unique id
  • Your messages - receive SMS : if enabled OziExplorer can receive the position of other Android devices by SMS, used for tracking others in your party
  • Services that cost you money - send SMS messages : if enabled OziExplorer can send SMS messages with your position to other Android devices running OziExplorer. This is totally controlled by the user, no messages are sent unless the option is turned on.

Important Links / Help

Program History

Program Help

Installation Help

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Скачать Ozi Explorer v1.29b [Ru/Multi]

1.29 (Beta)- не указаны1.28 (Beta)Android 6 (Marshmallow) caused a crash when loading ECW map images - has been fixedAndroid 6 (Marshmallow) changed the name of the external SD card and this means the OziExplorer Map File path is no longer valid. OziExplorer now notifies the user that the path is no longer valid and to set it to the correct path in configuration.Added the ability to turn off waypoint dragging in Waypoint Configuration - the default is OFF. I did this to remove the accidental activating of waypoint dragging. Improvements should be made to waypoint dragging in future versions.1.26 / 1.27 (Beta)added new (better design) screen page files (large screen size only) - old page files are included and can be loaded manually if you prefer the old ones.added waypoint and route waypoint dragging and edit/delete options by tapping on objects (still needs some work I think)turn off GPS Trackingdouble tap on screen near objectsdrag by dragging handledouble tap handle for menu to edit / deleteincreased the size of system pop-up messages slightlyincreased track tail length to 3000 pointsthe options menu (small Android menu on bottom of screen) is no longer used.The options have been moved to the screen or the Main Toolbarincreased size of the "Back" and "Finish" buttons on top of menusincreased the size of text in nearest waypoint listthe device compass can now be used for the heading (experimental), turn on in Moving Map configurationadded drawing of a compass around gps position pointer, turn on in Moving Map configurationwill add configuration options for color and transparency in next versionincreased number of screen designer parameters to 400look ahead for the GPS pointer has been added, configure in Moving Map configurationuser pointers added, configure in Moving Map configurationmap scale increased slightly in sizeroute navigation will now start at the nearest route waypointmax zoom increased to 1000 (for ozf maps only)fixed - when changing maps "Image not loaded" would be displayed and map was not loaded, now fixed - took me a long time to find this bugfixed - text not adjusting size in nearest waypoint list for high density devicesfixed - gaps being created between points in track logging to filefixed - most of the random lines in drawing track tailfixed - route distance in reverse not showingfixed - the button active state colors for all buttons where necessaryfixed - Odometer start/stop and reset messages now work for all odometersfixed - bonne map projectionfixed - track tail color button now changes color to new setting (after change in configuration)

v1.25 (Beta)Fixed problem with OziExplorer crashing on certain devices on startup.Fixed problem with the map scale bar not displaying correctly for "nm / meter" distance unit setting.

v1.24 (Beta)The Kitkat version of Android no longer allows apps to write to the external sd card.- OziExplorer now checks if the "Data File Path" you select can be written to, if not it is not allowed.- However the "Android/data/OziExplorer.Main/files" folder on the external sd card can be used as it is owned by OziExplorer.- CAUTION - all files in this folder will be removed if OziExplorer is uninstalled.- It is hoped the next Android version (lollipop) will provide a solution so developers can use the external SD card.Track logs are now stored in a TrackLogs sub-folder under the Data Path.Waypoints are now stored in a Waypoints sub-folder under the Data path.Increased the number of waypoints from 10000 to 100000.- The existing waypoint file (waypoints.wba) is converted on first run to WaypointStore.wba and WaypointSetStore.wbs- The old waypoints.wba file is renamed to waypoints.wba.oldThe deleting of a waypoint set has been fixed.Added more position display formats in waypoint editing.Added a map scale, turn on and off in Units configuration, drag the scale into position on the map.Added ability to project a new waypoint from an existing waypoint by specifying distance and bearing.- This is done from the waypoint list by pressing on the waypoint to project from.Fixed, waypoints from a gpx file would be located incorrectly if the map was not wgs84 datum.Fixed, under some circumstances the wrong route was loaded from a .rte file.

v1.23 (Beta)- Fixed problem with the first loaded track not showing.- Fixed problems with changing track properties.- Fixed problem with wrong waypoint being selected in waypoint list search.- Fixed some issues with Bluetooth connected GPS.

v1.22See the help on the web site for details on how to use the new functions.Added direct support for Bluetooth GPS.Added ability to specify a .wav file for each waypoint proximity, the sound is played when your position enters the waypoint proximity.Added ability to automatically load use tracks form a folder, all tracks in the folder are loaded as OziExplorer starts.The number of user tracks which can be loaded has been increased to 100 with 100000 points.GPX files containing waypoints can be imported, use Import Waypoint File menu option.A display datum, which is used to display positions in any datum can now be specified in Units Configuration.The waypoint list now has a search function.A User Track list has been added and the line color and width can now be modified for each loaded track.Added "Load User track" button to the screen designer.Added "Unload All User Tracks" button to screen designer.many bug fixes.

1.21Fixed gaps being created in track tail logging.Changed "pinch to zoom" - a pinch now only changes 1 zoom level at a time.Fixed waypoint colors when exported to file.Fixed "NM - feet" configuration setting not working correctly.The Track Tail now plots on top of user tracks.Added Track Tail Point Log Distance and Track File Point Log Distance parameters to configuration.These parameters are the maximum distance traveled before a track point is taken.Other factors such as direction or speed change also cause track points to be logged.Setting these parameters to low values causes more track point to be logged.Example - setting to zero would log all track points.


Download OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software

Download OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software   for PC computers

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Languages Click Here

This is the official web page for the OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software which runs on your PC or laptop and will work with Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance, Eagle, Brunton/Silva and MLR GPS receivers for the upload/download of waypoints, routes and tracks and most brand of GPS receivers for real time tracking of GPS position (Moving Map).

Last Updated  February 2016






GPS Mapping Software

System Requirements

Information on Windows 10 - click Here
  • A PC running Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (both 32 bit and 64 bit versions) incl. Windows 7 Starter and 8 and 10 Pro versions (will NOT run in Windows RT)
  • For Upload/Download - Most Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance, Eagle, Brunton/Silva and MLR GPS receivers.
  • For Moving Map (real time tracking) Any GPS receiver which outputs NMEA 0183 sentences.
  • Maps of your particular area of the world which you purchase in digital form or can scan and calibrate yourself from paper charts. 

The name Ozi is Australian slang for ... Australian  

OziExplorer was written for my own personal use when preparing for my 4x4 trips but is also useful for boating, flying and other activities. The software is being released as Shareware with a demo version available for download. 

Purchase OziExplorer

OziExplorer is interactive, it allows you to work, on your computer screen, with digital maps that you have purchased or scanned yourself.  By using these maps OziExplorer allows you to plan your trip by creating waypoints, routes and tracks on screen and upload these to your GPS.

With OziExplorer running and your laptop connected to your GPS, your GPS position is plotted on the map providing real time tracking ability (moving map). When you leave a map OziExplorer automatically changes to the next map.

Main Features

View detailed Features List
  • Use maps or charts which you scan yourself.
  • Use maps in various formats which can be purchased in digital form (BSB, USGS DRG, ECW, SID, TIF, PNG, + more).
  • Direct support for most Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance/Eagle, Brunton/Silva and MLR GPS receivers for Uploading and Downloading Waypoints, Routes and Tracks.
  • Create Waypoints, Routes and Tracks on the map and upload these to your GPS (for supported GPS receivers).
  • Download Waypoints, Routes and Tracks from your GPS and display them on a map (for supported GPS receivers).
  • Specify permanent Map features on a map and attach a picture (or any other type of file) to each feature. Place symbols and comments on the Map.
  • Over 100 map Datums supported.
  • Support for many Map projections and Grid systems.
  • Print Maps and Waypoint Lists.
  • Show your GPS position in real time on the map (moving map).
  • In moving map mode OziExplorer will navigate you along your chosen route giving instructions when each waypoint is reached. Various parameters such as Speed, Course, Next Waypoint, Distance, CTS, XTE, ETE and ETA are displayed.
  • In moving map operation automatically changes to the next map.
  • + much, much more.  
  • OziExplorer cannot upload maps to any GPS Receiver.

Screen Shots of OziExplorer


Version 3.95.6f  History of Changes

Now supports internet maps such as Open Street Map , Google Maps and USA Terraserver Maps within OziExplorer, click here for details and downloads

Download OziExplorer Software (7.0 MBytes)

Language Translations

Included in the download

Two versions of OziExplorer are supplied in this download a Shareware/Demo version and a Trial version - each has different feature and operational limitations, by using the 2 programs almost all the features of OziExplorer can be tested.

  • The Shareware/Demo version is missing many features that you get in the full purchased version click here for details
    • But it does allow full communication with the GPS for upload/download and moving map
    • Only allows maps in BMP image format to be loaded
    • Only loads maps in WGS84 datum
  • The Trial Version has almost all the features of the full version (works with all supported image formats and datums) but with these limitations
    • No communication with the GPS for upload/download
    • No saving or loading of Waypoints, Events, Tracks etc
    • No saving of map as an image file
    • Will close down after 1 hour of running (must be restarted)
  • All the files necessary to run OziExplorer
  • Help file
  • Demonstration data files.

When you install and run OziExplorer, select the Tutorial (Demonstration Data) option on the Help menu which will guide you through some of the operations and features available within the software.


Download the OziExplorer Software into a folder on your hard disk. Run the Installation program "oziexp_setup.exe" - this is a self extracting installation program which will install OziExplorer and place menu items on the Windows Start Menu. To test the various features explained above, run the Shareware/Demo version using the "OziExplorer" menu item. Run the Trial version using the "OziExplorer Trial" menu item. Note : Some Virus software can interfere with the installation of software, if a problem is encountered installing OziExplorer, disable the virus program and enable it again after installing OziExplorer.

Optional Extras

On the Optional Extras Page you will find extra modules or utilities which may be required to use certain features of OziExplorer.


OziExplorer Help File Online - This link displays the OziExplorer Help and is recommended to help get the most out of OziExplorer.  For OziExplorer Support, click here.

Help in PDF format. (Right click / Save As ... to save the oziexplorer_help.pdf)

Upgrading from a Previous Version

If you are upgrading from a version prior to 3.90 (3.85 or 3.80 or previous) you should download the full installation to make sure you get all the new files required. Install the new version over the top of the old version, it will use most of your existing settings and license codes.

If you are upgrading from a 3.90 or later version you only need download the upgrade, click on the link below.

Download Upgrade to the latest version

Install these files into the folder where you installed OziExplorer.


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